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Well Plate
All of the Well Plate Systems can be fitted for use with 24, 96 or 384 well plates.
Well Plate Positioners
200 x 110 x 35mm Motorized System

Range of motion Well Plate Positioner Z-Axis Module

       The Well Plate Positioner (WELLPLTPOS) has a low cost belt-driven stage that offers 7.9" x 4.3" of travel. The motion is adequate to access any point on either well plate. The Stage comes with a standard top plate that can hold two 24, 96, or 384 well plates. The stage provides 25um repeatability with a submicron resolution. The unit also has a Z-axis subsystem with 35mm of travel. The unit has built in electronic drives and can be controlled through standard RS-232 commands. The Well Plate Positioner is a complete self contained unit that works well in a number of applications.

  • X, Y axis travel - 7.9"x 4.3"
  • X, Y axis Repeatability - 25um
  • X, Y axis Resolution - 0.7um
  • Z axis Resolution - 1um
  • Z axis travel - 35mm
  • Tabletop unit size is 16.25"D x 17.25"W x 14.5"H
  • Total weight - 23.5 lb
  • 25 micron accuracy with submicron resolution.
  • Three axis coordinated motion.
  • RS-232C Serial Communications
  • Maximum speed is in excess of 25mm/sec
  • Allows access to entire area of two well plates.
  • User Adjustable Limit Switches.
  • Mounting block for OEM supplied dispensing unit.

Technical Literature
Well Plate
(120K PDF)
XY-Stage Cable
Z-Motor Cable
T-Limit Stop
Well Plate
Outline drawing
(70K PDF)

Retail Price $6175.00

System includes: Motorized XY-Stage, Z-Module, and Controller.
Pricing subject to change without notice. All figures in US dollars.
Call for special OEM pricing.
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