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Microscope Stage
Our stages have been attached to most microscopes. Optional with each stage system is a microscope specfic Z-Focus Motor Mount.
Motorized Translation Stage
400mm x 400mm Motorized System

Stage STLGG Controller Stage STLGG
Stage STLGG XYZ Stage Controller Stage STLGG

       The Stage STLGGxxx is a large travel, low cost, good quality, leadscrew, stepper motor driven stage that offers 400mm x 400mm of travel in a thin (51mm thick) X, Y stage. While controlled in open loop, The stepper motors provide for no servo jitter while still maintaining a positive return force at position. An optional .5um resolution linear encoder is available that can provide closed loop control if needed. The stage has a maximum speed of 100mm/sec. The speed can be controlled via the USB (COM Port). The unit has a bolt pattern on the bottom plate that allows it to easily attach to your system. As always, we can add your custom design hole or bolt patterns (top or bottom) for you specific application. The leadscrew stage provides 3um (2um unidir) repeatability with a submicron resolution. The unit has an optional Z-axis control. If one our standard z-motor mounts that fit most microscope stands does not meet your requirements, we can design one that does. The stage system comes with our standard XYZ controller. There are two configurations of the controller. A desk top unit with built in joystick and an under the desk unit with remote joystick. Either controller provides precise control of the X, Y axis speed through an exceptionally smooth joystick. The speed is proportional to joystick deflection with velocities from as slow as single steps to full traverse speed. With the optional Z-axis, the remote focus of the z-axis is provided via a focusing knob on the controller or joystick. The unit also provides three user selectable sensitivities for the joystick and Z-encoder for added control. The unit can be controlled manually or through standard USB (COM Port) commands. The controller provides a display of X, Y and Z coordinates locally on an LED display. These coordinates are also available via USB (COM Port). Each stage axis has a built in unique serial number and EEProm for various stage parameters. The stage STLGGxxx is an economical unit that works well in a number of applications.

  • X, Y axis travel - 400mm x 400mm
  • X, Y lead screw pitch .375" = 9.525mm
  • X, Y Axis speed 100mm/sec
  • X, Y axis Resolution - 0.09525um
  • X, Y Axis Repeatability - 3um (2um unidir)
  • Optional X, Y linear encoder Resolution - .5um
  • Optional X, Y linear encoder Accuracy - 2um
  • Stepper motor control with no servo jitter.
  • Positive retention force at position.
  • Optional linear encoder.
  • Three user-selectable speed sensitivities (joystick/encoder).
  • Cast aluminum controller case shields against RFI radiation from internal microprocessor.
  • LED display of X, Y and Z coordinates
  • Complete remote control via USB (COM Port) Serial Communications
  • Optional Remote focus of the Z-axis via rotary Knob on controller.
  • User adjustable limit switches.
  • Clean room compatible.
  • Universal 50/60 Hz, 90-240 Volt AC input power supply.
  • Cross-roller bearings for extra precision and rigidity
  • X, Y axis have Precision Ground Steel Vee-Ways
Technical Literature
Stage Controllers
Stage Controller Manual
T-Limit Stop
Stage STLGGxxx
Dimensional Drawing
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Wiring & Connectors

Without Linear Encoders
Product: 805-STLGGxxx
Retail System Price $10,600.00       Stage Only $8,995.00

With Linear Encoders
Product: 805-STLGGExx
Retail System Price $13,025.00       Stage Only $11,425.00

Optional Z-Axis Motor Mount: 805-CZMxxxxx
Retail System Price $995.00

Pricing subject to change without notice. All figures in US dollars.
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