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All of the software listed is for use with Conix Research Inc. products only. It may not be sold or packaged with any motorized microscopy equipent (manufactured by Conix Research Inc. or otherwise) without the express permission of Conix Research Inc. No warranty is implied and Conix Research Inc. is not responsible for any damage the listed software packages could potentially cause to your computer or your microscopy equipment.

term.exe : executable (58kB)
term.zip : .zip file (34kB)

MS-DOS based terminal software for communicating directly with your motorized microscopy equipment. Useful for debugging your equipment or developing in-house software.

termw.exe : executable (338 kB)
termw.zip : .zip file (132 kB)

Similar to term.exe, but for Windows 95, 98, and NT.

TermW40.exe : executable (401 kB)
TermW40.zip : .zip file (122 kB)

Windows software for communicating with Revision H stage controllers.

QuadFilter.zip : .zip file (634 kB)

Driver for the Quad Filter Changer to be used with Image-pro Software.

μManager: Multiple files

Driver for XYZ Stage Controller (Rev H) to be used with μManager Software.

StageDrivers.zip: .zip file (3.67MB)

Drivers for XYZ Stage Controller (Rev H).

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